What happened to B12 Happy Hour?

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sunflower1As many of you may know, for the past several years Celilo Natural Health Center has run a popular B12 Happy Hour on Wednesdays from 4-6pm. We even got a nod from Portland Monthly in their December 2014 issue. And as of Jan. 1, 2015, we’ve stopped offering it.


What gives?


You may recall that in 2012, a meningitis outbreak was traced back to a medication formulated at a Massachusetts compounding pharmacy. The FDA correctly took action against the pharmacy, which had not followed basic protocols to keep patients safe.


But, of course, the matter didn’t end there.


The upshot is that reputable compounding pharmacies and the doctors they supply now must jump through more hoops — and at greater expense. Here at Celilo Health, we have always used preservative-free methylcobalamin, believing it to be the best form to serve our patients. Although our cost went up 700 percent in early 2014, we continued the service at the same price. But under still newer regulations, not only did our cost rise another 900 percent, but we can only offer this form of the vitamin by prescription to established patients. We could use a different form, which does work for many people, but at this point we are reluctant to do so. Instead, we’ve decided to discontinue the B12 Happy Hour.


The professional organization of compounding pharmacists who provide the preservative-free methylcobalamin is working with the FDA to ease some of the onerous new requirements. Which means we may again have access to the best B12 at a reasonable cost. If that happens, we will consider reinstating the popular program.


What can you do in the meantime?


We still offer free 15-minute consults to introduce you to Dr. Izakson and naturopathic medicine. We welcome new patients and do our best to be accessible through most insurance plans. And we continue to update our website with information you can use to keep yourself and your family healthy.


We thank you for your interest, deeply regret the inconvenience, and wish you the best for your health.





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