the nature Rx for hot flashes

I got out to my favorite park recently and thought about all my videos about the beneficial effects of nature on health.


And I thought, maybe people are getting bored with me talking about how nature is great for supporting mood, cognition, immune function, and so on.


And then I thought, what about my per/menopause friends? Because, at least in theory, getting out in nature should help reduce hot flashes.


Here’s the logic:


Time in nature lowers your stress, and getting Vitamin N supports your adrenal glands. That matters because your adrenals take over when your ovaries retire.


If you’ve had a stress-free life, you should theoretically have no symptoms around menopause. But if, like so many of us, your adrenals are kind of toasty: hello, hot flashes.


Getting active and outdoors helps hot flashes through a variety of mechanisms. The official research hasn’t studied the effects of nature on peri/menopausal hot flashes, but in principle it makes sense that it could help. But it’s definitely clear that exercise helps, and nature will at least offer peripheral benefits.



This doctor always prescribes parks in nature, whether for wellness or to address specific symptoms. Here is one more reason I recommend a nature fix.




—Dr. Orna


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