all about olive, part 1

As some of you may know, I am slowly — glacially, even — working on a book about gardening with medicinal plants. Looking out at the frost-covered garden this morning for inspiration for any  hint of green, I decided to start working on my olive (Olea europa) monograph. 


Arbequina olive (Olea europea) in flower.

Before my breakfast (which includes copious quantities of olive oil — yum!), I went looking through my physical library for something beyond olive oil. Because, really, I’m unlikely to actually press the olives from my tree. And besides, like so many other garden medicines, there’s healing value in other parts.


In olive’s case, the leaves are powerhouses of phytochemicals (more…)

strong muscles fight diabetes

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People battling diabetes can take a cue from fighters everywhere: muscle strength helps make winners. New research finds that low muscle mass — common in elderly and obese people at greatest risk of type 2 diabetes — is associated with the insulin resistance that causes the disease. People with incipient or frank symptoms have long been told to eat well and exercise, but the new finding help make the latter prescription more specific. While walking and cardiovascular workouts are still important, building strong muscles is a critical component to reversing the disease. Muscle mass is empowering! (Via ScienceDaily.)

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