To maintain your brain, eat like a Greek

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The Mediterranean diet, touted for its ability to protect the heart aid longevity, now has another great outcome to recommend it: reducing the effects of aging on the brain. Researchers followed nearly 3,800 men and women in their 60s or older, asking them to report what they ate and then measuring mental function. Those who ate closest to the traditional Mediterranean diet — lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, fish, olive oil and moderate amounts of wine — scored highest on their brain tests. How this works isn’t clear, although researchers suspect it may be related to the diet’s known effects on the heart and circulation. Better circulation would mean more oxygen and nutrients to the brain, helping it stay limber longer. (Via WebMD).

Dark chocolate protects brain from stroke effects

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My friend Dr. Melissa Berry makes these amazing truffles

Dr. Melissa Berry makes these amazing truffles:

Sweet news from the chocolate researchers: They’re now finding a component in dark chocolate can help protect brain cells when oxygen is cut off by a stroke. The researchers gave epicatechin, found naturally in dark chocolate, to lab animals before and after inducing a stroke. The pretreated animals did much better than their untreated counterparts. Even more interestingly, researchers found the effect even when treating up to 3.5 hours after the stroke; most current post-stroke treatments are only effective if given more quickly. How does it work? It seems that epicatechin turns on two pathways that work to protect brain cells. This suggests that a little bit of regular, high-quality, dark chocolate may be a good defense — and a handy item to keep in the first-aid kit. (Via ScienceDaily.)

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