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Eschscholzia californica, the California poppy. Yes, it's really spelled that way.

As an environmentalist, herbalist and physician, I take great care in finding the best sources for the plant medicines used in my practice. The herbs on my shelves are organically grown or ethically harvested in clean, wild places, often locally, and are carefully prepared mostly by people I know personally.


I do not use endangered plants, and limit the use of rare ones. I want you to have the freshest, greenest and highest-quality medicines available. I carry a full line of herbal medicines to customize prescriptions for your specific, individual needs.

Why do I emphasize small, local companies, run when possible by people I know? Accountability. If a patient has a problem or a question, one call is often all it takes to find out how, when and from where a batch was prepared.

Some of my favorite plant-medicine sources:
Avena Botanicals
Pharmacopia Herbals

• Columbines and Wizardry Herbs
Eclectic Institute

Alaskan Flower Essences
Bach Flower Essences
FES flower essences
Nordic Naturals makes fish oils, which are obviously not made from plants. But fish oils are among the most important food supplements many naturopaths recommend, so here’s some information.

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