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One of naturopathy’s basic goals is to not only make your symptoms go away with a band-aid, but to get underneath those symptoms and figure out why you have them. Once we’ve found the real source, we can address the underlying problem and move toward an actual cure. That means a big reduction or potentially an elimination of your chief complaints and a growing sense of wellness, energy and joy in your life.

What kinds of conditions can naturopaths help in this way? The list could be endless, but here’s a start:

• Women’s health, including annual pelvic and breast exams.

• Men’s health, including routine testicular or prostate exams.

• Digestive issues ranging from halitosis to gas, food allergies, reflux, poor digestion, pain, constipation and persistent diarrhea.

• Respiratory issues including asthma, bronchitis, acute respiratory conditions, COPD

• Mood, including chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD and some eating disorders. Many of these will be co-managed with a professional counselor.

• Heart and circulatory issues including high blood pressure and co-management of advanced heart disease

• Seasonal allergies, food allergies and environmental allergies

• Headaches, dizziness, ringing ears, siezures.

• Acute urinary tract infections, intersticial cystitis, kidney stones.

• Gallstones, gallbladder colic, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, pancreatitis and ulcers.

• Diabetes, diet, weight loss.

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