flower essence training with Dr. Izakson

It’s no secret I’m a plant lover. It’s why I went into medicine.


I love that plants reinforce our connection to nature, while helping us navigate the modern world. Nearly every patient I treat gets some kind of plant-based prescription, whether it’s a powdered herb, a tea or an herbal extract such as a tincture or a gemmo.


The plant medicines I use most in practice are flower essences. They’re safe and gentle, don’t interfere with any other prescriptions and reliably make big changes in my patients’ well being.


Here’s one patient’s testimonial:


“The flower essence formula helped me quiet the past that haunted me. I carried a great deal of grief; sometimes I think I was born grieving. The flower essence somehow took all my grief and placed it in perspective. It is not always walking with me. I know that the grief is still there. I just know that is is under control and not consuming me. I know that I am no longer a captive, I am free just to be me.” — Susan


Flower essences have been used as a medical practice since the 1930s, created by English physician Dr. Edward Bach. He envisioned a simple system that enabled people to take care of themselves and their families — truly the people’s medicine. Others have expanded on his work in subsequent decades, leading to rich, deep and varied ways to help people heal.


I’m teaching an introduction to flower essence therapy in Portland on January 23, 2017, through the Traditional Roots Institute at National University of Natural Medicine. And I’d love for you to join me. The class is geared toward medical professionals and students, but the content is by definition and intent accessible to anyone who wants to learn.


Register online here. 


I look forward to seeing you in January!


Mimulus is a commonly used flower essence.

Mimulus is a commonly used flower essence.

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