April insurance update

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Our applications to become an in-network provider with several local insurance companies went out in March. Now we wait, but we’re hopefull about getting on with PacificSource and LifeWise.

One of the most popular plans, offered by ODS, is closed to naturopaths until further notice. Not willing to take no for an answer, we’ve submitted an application anyway. If you or someone you know is on ODS, call and ask them to add Dr. Orna Izakson to their network — it can only help the cause! The customer-service number is 503-243-3962 or 877-605-3229.

Even if we aren’t in your network, Celilo’s staff can help determine what kind of naturopathic coverage your plan offers and bill your insurance for you. If all else fails, we offer generous discounts for payment at time of service.


Spilanthes oleracea, "the toothache plant"

Spilanthes oleracea, "the toothache plant"

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