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Weed Lover: Unintentional Medicine from Evolution’s Winners. In Good Tilth, May 2010.

Fear Not the Flower: Natural Strategies for Allergy Season. In Good Tilth, March 2010.

Understanding Radon., January 2010.

Cooking and Healing with Thyme., January 2010.

Top 10 Garden Medicines. In Good Tilth, December 2009.

Tips to Beat the Holiday Blues., December 2009.

The Naturopathic Way: A popular form of alternative healing begins with the belief that nature cures. Utne, 2004.

Flower Power: the medicinal properties of popular plants. E/The Environmental Magazine, July 1, 2006.


Relief is in sight: Keep away those allergies. E/The Environmental Magazine.


Farming infertility: Country living may be hazardous to your potency. E/The Environmental Magazine. See the Utne recap of this story here


Oil right: Choose wisely for heart-healthy cooking. E/The Environmental Magazine. And another Utne recap is here.


Attack of the killer mutants: Modern bacteria are resisting treatment by antibiotics. E/The Environmental Magazine.


Managing mold: This deadly toxin may already be affecting your home. E/The Environmental Magazine.


Toxic technology: The high-tech industry is poisonous to low-wage immigrant workers. E/The Environmental Magazine.



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